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The University of Texas at Austin educates global leaders who have more than a transcript in their toolkit. They have hands-on, cross-cultural experience. They have big ideas and plans. The world has gotten smaller, but the challenges have gotten bigger. The President's Award for Global Learning lets students take on the one big thing they want to change.
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The President’s Award empowers students and faculty to examine real-world interdisciplinary topics while incorporating in-country learning into the classroom experience.



Research Global Challenges

Work closely with student teams, faculty and international partners, utilizing funding and administrative support provided by the award to implement international projects.


Make a Global Impact

Gain real-world experience for success in a globalized economy as you work closely with faculty and earn 4 credit hours during the one-year program.

Canal in Hongcun, China with hanging red lanterns from buildings lining the canal. Student takes water sample outdoors.

President’s Vision


The President’s Award for Global Learning prepares UT Austin students to lead in an interconnected world by providing them with opportunities to conduct research and innovate while building international partnerships with peers, industry experts and academic leaders. The award also gives faculty a new way to engage with our students and a chance to expand their scholarship and research networks — on campus, across disciplines and in countries around the world.

By working together, students and faculty design, develop and carry out projects that put our motto — “What Starts Here Changes the World” — into action and deepen UT Austin’s global impact. The university is grateful to the International Board of Advisors for creating this visionary program and for their ongoing support. I encourage students and faculty to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to address the most pressing challenges facing our world today.

Portrait of Jay Hartzell, interim president of The University of Texas at Austin. Jay Hartzell, University of Texas at Austin/ President



Read news about the President’s Award and project teams as they take on some of the world’s most pressing questions.

Featured Story
September 13, 2022

Faculty Proposals Receive 2022-2023 President’s Award for Global Learning

Two outstanding proposals from faculty at The University of Texas at Austin have been selected to receive the 2022-2023 President’s Award ...

Nurse drawing blood from a patient in Kenya and children smiling at books in Peru



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