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The President’s Award for Global Learning is the inaugural program of the International Board of Advisors and is administered through the collaborative efforts of the President’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Texas Global.

2023-2024 Program Profiles

Peace wall in Belfast with colorful art on a tree lined street

Leading with Peace: Lessons from Northern Ireland

Faculty team members:
  • Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPA, University Presidential Professor, Steve Hicks School of Social Work and Director of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Bruce Kellison, Ph.D., Director of the Bureau of Business Research at the IC2 Institute, and co-director of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Monica Martinez, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
Student team members:
  • David Perez- International Relations & Global Studies/Asian Cultures & Languages (Japan), Nati Roman- Mexican American & Latino Studies, Meredith L. Sanchez- History and Mexican American and Latino/a Studies, Vanessa Mathis- Anthropology
  • Trisha Nguyen- Economics, International Relations & Global Studies (IRG), Kate Whyte- Government, Kena Desai- Public Health, International Business, Anika Bhatia- Psychology, Human Development & Family Sciences (HDFS), Neuroscience
  • Maria Rodriguez- Design, Allie Alfaro-Kim – Radio, Television, and Film, Geraldyn Campos- International Relations and Global Studies, Government
  • Elizabeth Tomoloju- Government, Sophia Westwood- Journalism, Abbey Lantis- Social Work, Sociology, Nikolas Parker- Education (Youth and Community Studies), Government
International partner:
  • Corrymeela, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Monach butterflies in bright blue sky

Lives in Motion: Human and Animal Migration in Times of Environmental Change

Faculty team members:
  • Adela Pineda, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, College of Liberal Arts, and Director of The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
  • Octavio Kano-Galván, Assistant Professor of Practice, Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, Moody College of Communications
  • Boris Corredor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, College of Liberal Arts
Student team members:
  • Kinda Abou-Hamdan – Plan II Honors & Public Health, Sandi Perez- Plan II Honors & Economics, Khyati Malik- Biomedical Engineering, Sophia Ayala- Psychology, Plan II Honors
  • Shannon Henry- Geography, Sustainability Studies, Sociology, Devon Voyles- English, Sruthi Rayaprolu- Canfield Business Honors Program, Finance, Anna Abraham- Public Health, Plan II Honors
  • Hannah Rashid- Biomedical Engineering, Eswar Gopalakrishnan- Neuroscience, P. Katresai Brahmbhatt- Clinical Nutrition, Public Health, Human Development and Ecology, Adahunik Sundar- Human Biology, Plan II Honors
  • Jan Steinhauer- Computer Engineering, Cynthia Fernanda Mendoza Pimental- Biology, Aaron Doan- International Relations
International partners:
  • Ximena Londoño-Pava, founder and director of El Paraíso del Bambú y la Guadua, Montenegro, Colombia
  • Isabel Ramírez Ramírez, Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in affiliation with Alternare, Michoacán, Mexico
  • Dr. Camila Gómez M, Director of Education, SELVA: Investigación para la Conservación en el Neotrópico
Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan at night with building lit up and blurry image of pedestrians crossing

The Sustainable and Resilient Smart City in Japan

Faculty team members:
  • Junfeng Jiao, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Architecture
  • Ming Zhang, Ph.D., Professor and Program Director of Community and Regional Planning, School of Architecture
  • Junko Hatanaka, MA, MS, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Asian Studies, College of Liberal Arts
Student team members:
  • Lathan Seiju Douglas- Mechanical Engineering, Kana Sophia Iwahara- Biochemistry, Tomoya Ethan Tanaka- Civil Engineering, Julius Kazuma Bergstorm-Undeclared Business
  • Kathy Vu Dang- Biology, Yashna Singhania- Environmental Engineering, Sophia (Sophie) Snapp- Environmental Engineering, Emma Grace Maierson- Radio, Television, Film, Emma Pardue- Advertising
  • Cristopher Ferreon- Biology (Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior), Chemistry, Mason Yang- Microbiology/ Infectious Disease and Philosophy, Ramiro Zamora- Garcia – History, Shawn Hatcher- Chemical Engineering, Sarah Snapp- Japanese
International partner:
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan Hand holding cup of water under faucet outside

Water Scarcity in Kenya: Decentralized Desalination Using Renewable Energy

Faculty team members: 

  • Manish Kumar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering
  • Lucy Atkinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Stan Richards School of Advertising, Moody College of Communication
  • Patrick Bixler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Student team members:
  • Kelsey Nyandusi- Marketing, Micheal Ayele- Management Information Systems
  • Aarya Nair- Corporate Communications and Unspecified Business, Suhani Gajera- Neuroscience, Shriya Mukkavilli- Public Health
  • Bella Tran- Public Health, Davina Tran- Biomedical Engineering, Jayline Garza- Nutritional Sciences & Health and Society
  • Jennifer Pierce- Chemical Engineering, Elena Talarico Riberio- Sustainability and Geography, Shrika Paramasivam- Mechanical Engineering and Religious Studies, Rama Hamoudah- International Relations & Global Studies (International Political Economy) and Government

International Partner:

  • South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui, Kenya
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Program Administration

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Assistant Director of Experiential Learning, Education Abroad

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Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Chief International Officer

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