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The President’s Award for Global Learning is the inaugural program of the International Board of Advisors and a result of collaboration among the President’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Texas Global.

Program Administration

Laurie Young

Director of Special Initiatives,
Texas Global

Laura Caloudas

Sr. Program Coordinator,
Texas Global

Margaret Rieley

Administrative Associate,
Texas Global

Fiona Mazurenko

Assistant Director of Communications,
Texas Global

Asher Diaz headshot.

Asher Diaz

Digital Project Manager,
Texas Global

Faculty Committees

A number of committees and working groups contribute to the structure and oversight of the program. These groups are appointed by the Offices of the President and Provost.

Proposal Review Committee

A diverse group of faculty with expertise in each thematic area convene annually to review and select proposals.

  • Committee Chair – Dr. Catherine Weaver, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs
  • Dr. Michael Anderson, Associate Professor of Instruction and Director of International Relations and Global Studies, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Chadi El Mohtar, Associate Professor, Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering
  • Dr. Alex Garcia, Professor, School of Nursing
  • Dr. Carma Gorman, Associate Professor, School of Design and Creative Technologies, College of Fine Arts
  • Dr. Meeta Kothare, Director of Social Innovation Initiative, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Dr. Gregory Pogue, Deputy Executive Director and Senior Research Scientist, IC² Institute

Selection Committee

University leaders and faculty responsible for serving as judges for the pitch competition and recommending teams to be awarded to President Hartzell.

  • Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement
  • Dr. Ann Huff Stevens, Dean of College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Catherine Weaver, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs
  • Dr. Luis Zayas, Dean of Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Steering Committee

Campus administrators and faculty meet biannually to ensure the President’s Award is meeting the academic objectives of the program and furthering the internationalization goals of the university.

  • Dr. Teri Albrecht, Interim Executive Director, Texas Global
  • Dr. Richard Flores, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Deirdre Mendez, Associate Director, Center for Global Business, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Dr. David Vanden Bout, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Catherine Weaver, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs

2019-2020 Project Profiles

Using Interprofessional Education to Improve Community Health in Kenya

Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Explore the new Community Based Education and Service model implemented by Moi University and the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH)

Student team members: Kristine Adiele, Lauren Cebulske, Livia Frost, Siddha Sannigrahi

Graduate Student Team Member: Kristian Jones

Faculty team members: Julie Zuniga, Alexandra Garcia, Suzanne Seriff

How Autonomous Vehicles Might Aid Vulnerable Populations: A Case Study in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

East Asia Region

Research how the elderly and disabled react to autonomous vehicles during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Student team members: Jean Kureyama, Eliezer Pearl, John Sherar, Peter Sumners

Faculty team members: Junfeng Jiao, Junko Hatanaka

Graduate student team member: Yefu Chen

Sustainable Embellishments for the Apparel and Textile Industry in Copenhagen

Europe, Russia and the Caucasus Region

Create embellishments for garments/accessories that biodegrade or form circular product cycle, preventing them from ending up in landfills or the environment

Student team members: Lilli Bennett, Cole Collins, Dominic Schillace, Shroothi Ramesh

Faculty team members: Jessica Ciarla, Luisa Fandino, Nathaniel Lynd

Graduate student team member: Jennifer Imbrogno

A Bittersweet Burden: Understanding Causes and Consequences of Diabetes Complications Using Design-Thinking in Puebla, Mexico

Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Region

Study patients in Puebla, Mexico, hospitalized with preventable, acute complications of diabetes in order to identify both medical and sociocultural systems gaps in diabetes care and to generate insights on potential points of intervention

Student team members: Harrison Mark, Kanishka Mitra, Kathryn Quan, Joyce Tiong

Faculty team members: Jacqueline Angel, Dr. Meghana Gadgil, Meeta Kothare

Graduate student team member: Christian Vazquez

Rosaleen poses with her team after they pitched their research project

Developing Equality: Creating a Mobile Application to Address Health Inequalities for LGBTQ+ South Indians

South/Southeast Asia and Oceania Region

Visit Project Website

Create mobile and web-based technology to deliver an adapted LGBTQ+ health and sexual health curriculum for regional health care providers in Chennai, India

Student team members Shelby Hobohm, Nima Rahman, Shilpa Rajagopal, Rosaleen Xiong

Faculty team members: Sharmila Rudrappa, Patricia Hamilton-Solum, Paul Toprac

Graduate student team member: Aniruddhan Vasudevan

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