Leadership & Projects

The President’s Award for Global Learning is the inaugural program of the International Board of Advisors and a result of collaboration among the President’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and the International Office.

Program Administration

Laurie Young

Director of Special Projects,
International Office

Laura Caloudas

Sr. Program Coordinator,
International Office

Maria Arrellaga headshot.

Maria Arrellaga

Executive Director for Global Engagement,
Office of the President

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Margaret Rieley

Administrative Associate,
International Office

Fiona Mazurenko

Marketing Manager,
International Office

Asher Diaz headshot.

Asher Diaz

International Office

Faculty Committees

A number of committees and working groups contribute to the structure and oversight of the program. These groups are appointed by the Offices of the President and Provost.

Proposal Review Committee

A diverse group of faculty with expertise in each thematic area convene annually to review and select proposals.

  • Committee Chair – Dr. Karin Wilkins, Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement and Strategic Initiatives, Moody College of Communication
  • Dr. Richard Flores, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts
  • Prof. Doreen Lorenzo, Assistant Dean School of Design and Creative Technologies, College of Fine Arts
  • Dr. Gregory Pogue, Deputy Executive Director and Senior Research Scientist, IC² Institute
  • Dr. Jennifer Lyon Gardner, Associate Vice President for Research, Research Development, Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Dr. David Vanden Bout, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Tanya Voss, Assistant Dean for Field Education, Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Steering Committee

Campus administrators and faculty meet biannually to ensure the President’s Award is meeting the academic objectives of the program and furthering the internationalization goals of the university.

  • Dr. Teri Albrecht, Interim Executive Director, International Office
  • Dr. Richard Flores, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Deirdre Mendez, Associate Director, Center for Global Business, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Dr. David Vanden Bout, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Catherine Weaver, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs
  • Dr. Karin Wilkins, Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement and Strategic Initiatives, Moody College of Communication

Project Profiles

Four students on the Cambodia project team

Addressing Cambodia’s Waste Management Challenges: A Proposal for Co-Generating Entrepreneurial Solutions with Local Communities

Southeast Asia

Test a pilot educational model in communities and encourage shifts in cultural views on waste while teaching the tools needed to generate solutions. Student team members: Simran Ali, Eunise Chen, Katelyn DeBacker, and Lingyu Kong. Faculty team members: Dr. Jenny Knowles Morrison, Dr. Lucy Atkinson, and Dr. Kasey Mariko Faust.

Four students and three faculty members of the South Asia team

Clearing the Air: Using Scalable, Low-Cost Sensors to Address India’s Air Quality Knowledge Gaps

South Asia

Distribute low-cost sensors to measure air pollution in India. Student team members: Shayan Charolia, Heather Howton, Brian Mai, and Advaitha Reddy. Faculty team members: Dr. Joshua Apte and Dr. David Eaton.

Four female students stand with three faculty members

Women’s Hygiene, Empowerment and Research for Social Impact (HERS)

Middle East and Central Asia

Analyze and address empowerment through the creation and study of appropriate, sustainable menstrual hygiene products for women in refugee camps in Lebanon. Student team members: Ishani Chakravarty, Edith Muleiro, Priya Ramamoorthy, and Kathryn Taylor. Faculty team members: Dr. Janet Ellzey, Dr. Noël Busch-Armendariz, and Dr. Katherine Polston.

Student and faculty members of the Latin America team.

Health and Housing: A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Low-Income Communities in Puebla, Mexico

Latin America

Comprehensive assessment of health needs, determinants, and resources in underserved regions of Puebla, Mexico, focusing on aspects of the built environment. Student team members: Christina Ciaburri, Veronica Remmert, Claire Stephenson, and Andrea Sandoval Flores. Faculty team members: Dr. Ricardo Ainslie, Dr. Tim Mercer, and Dr. Peter Ward.

Europe, Russia and the Caucasus team

Lowering Maternal Mortality Rates: What Texas Can Learn from the Republic of Georgia

Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus

Helping Texas reduce its maternal mortality rate by examining successful methods in Georgia. Student team members: Anastasiya Byelousova, Parth Gupta, Michael Sanchez, and Lyndsey Wang. Faculty team members: Dr. Amy Liu and Dr. Sharmila Rudrappa.

East Asia student team

A New State of Mind: Mental Health in South Korea

East Asia

Explore whether culturally grounded intervention programs, through the use of a mobile app and in-person workshops, can have an impact on people’s opinions on mental illness and suicide in South Korea. Student team members: Andrew Chen, Patience Ojionuka, Elena Ordonez, and Shaina Owens. Faculty team members: Prof. Jiwon Park, Dr. Soyoung Park, and Prof. Michael Baker.

Selected President's Award for Global Learning Team: Africa - The Color Complex: Unraveling the Stigma of Colorism in Global Communities.

The Color Complex: Unraveling the Stigma of Colorism in Global Communities


Explore the influences of colorism in Ghana through the lenses of media and businesses; identity and sense of self-worth; the cyclical nature of skin bleaching in families; and social mobility. Student team members: Timia Bethea, Rebecca Chen, Christina Cho and Vida Nwadiei. Faculty members: Prof. John Doggett, Dr. Kevin Cokley and Dr. Minette Drumwright.