The President’s Award for Global Learning is the signature program of the International Board of Advisors (IBA). Through a competitive process, seven teams of students and faculty mentors will be selected to pursue interdisciplinary projects relating to international research, social impact, and entrepreneurship in regions throughout the world.

  • Who is eligible to participate? (students)

    Students with a minimum 3.0 GPA (or faculty endorsement). Targeted for second-year students with sophomore standing.

    Students must be enrolled fall semester following summer participation.

    Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to apply to and participate in international education opportunities. Student may not be on disciplinary probation, suspension or deferred suspension at the time of application, prior to or during their time abroad. Students on academic probation due to a first-time violation may apply and participate. Students on academic probation for repeat or serious offenses may not apply or participate.

  • Who is eligible to participate? (faculty)

    All faculty are eligible to participate including adjunct and lecturers. Faculty must have teaching appointments.

  • What are the team requirements?

    Teams can be 2-4 students. Each team member should have a different major. Each team must have a faculty leader and 1-2 faculty mentors. The number of faculty on a team cannot exceed the number of students. Faculty should be from different departments.

  • How do graduate students participate?

    The formation of teams is only open to undergraduate students. There will be an opportunity for graduate students to participate in the program as Graduate Assistants who will travel with and support the project. Graduate students that are selected to assist project teams will receive a stipend and all travel expenses will be covered as part of the award. The call for Graduate Assistants will not be posted until after the final teams are selected. Graduate students interested in being a part of the program should contact presidentsaward@austin.utexas.edu.

  • How do we work with an International Partner?

    To propose a project for the President’s Award for Global Learning, you must identify an International Partner who will support and facilitate project implementation in country. International partners can be identified through existing relationships through UT or research collaborations through faculty. Students may not reach out to International Partners without the supervision of a faculty leader. International Partners must submit a letter of support to confirm their participation in the project.

  • How do I form a team?

    Project teams can be formed in various ways:

    A faculty member identifies students and additional faculty to comprise a team around a particular project levering existing international relationships.

    Student-initiated teams approach faculty members to serve as faculty leads/mentors for their project idea.

    Faculty and students are introduced to each other, based on interest, by the International Office.

  • Whom can I contact for more information?

    Contact presidentsaward@austin.utexas.edu.