University of Texas at Austin

Addressing an Era of Transatlantic Racial Reckoning: Imagining Anti-Racist Academic Worlds in the United Kingdom and the United States of America

Faculty team members:
Richard Reddick, Ed.D., Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education 
Peniel Joseph, Ph.D., Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

International partners:
Dr. Mike Mimirinis – University of West London, United Kingdom 
Dr. Peter Claus – Pembroke College, Oxford University, United Kingdom 
Dr. Kehinde Andrews – Birmingham City University, United Kingdom 
Dr. Ali Meghji – Magdalene College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom

This program will bring together perspectives from faculty, staff, and students in five unique higher education environments—four in the United Kingdom, one in the United States—to identify and validate experiences of BIPOC members of their respective communities. Participants will identify commonalities and differences between the institutional contexts and engage in discussions about the shared and unique aspects of navigating an academic existence for BIPOC community members.